A Happy Back is a Happy Life!

6 November 2017By maria storms armstrongAll Blogs, Back Pain, Physical Fitness, Tom Boy Series No Comments

While attending last week end’s cycling camp in Moab hosted by Aspen Sports Performance. I resonated with Jeremy James,’ DC presentation on preventing back injuries and healing them without surgery. Jeremy is the Director of the Aspen Club Back Institute who specializes in recreating stance, posture and functional movement frequently robbed during modern demands of … Read More

Tom Boy; part 1

14 September 2017By maria storms armstrongAll Blogs, Mastery, Tom Boy Series 2 Comments

Beneath the scabbed and grass stained knees, mosquito bitten skin and pig tails, I was a girl who grew up in a neighborhood of boys who jumped into pick-up games. We followed the American professional sports schedules, baseball in the summer, football in the fall, hockey in the winter and basketball in the spring.  No … Read More