“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Maria who has proven herself to be a thoughtful, coaching professional. The dynamic combination of her professional training, life experience, and cross-industry applications of best-practice coaching standards makes her a well-rounded, skillful practitioner. Highly recommended.”
Evan Zsislis
My Intentional Solutions
Carbondale, CO

my story

Maria Storms Armstrong is recognized as an unorthodox author and life coach who inspires personal and professional growth. She uses an ontological approach – how we know what we know – to assist her clients in making mindful distinctions in order to identify, prioritize and allocate personal resources to reveal more options and pathways to one’s desired outcomes.

A history major at Princeton University, Maria believes in each person’s ability to tap his or her own rich history to inform the present, making the current moment a more human, beautiful and meaningful experience. She’s committed herself to helping others understand how ideas of self and perceptions of the world around us can empower optimal meaning and maximum possibility –integral to a life well lived. Since 1986 she has coached Native American school kids “off the rez’,” young men rehabbing and learning life skills in a back to work center, single mothers, and small business owners, young people and leaders in community affairs to design their own future. By starting from a place of gratitude, Maria’s method allows one to shift perspective with agility which, in turn, yields more effectiveness to attaining ones goals. Maria’s clients become empowered in choosing their destiny rather than hanging on for the ride of life!

Maria is committed to unconditional presence in all she endeavors, fostering joy and optimism in every aspect of her work and community.